The ILCO Lube products covers additives and antifoaming agents, too. All products are characterised by a high performance as well as a good compatibility with additives in formulations.
ILCO Lube components are recruited from natural oils and fats and are modified by means of oleochemistry and offer a maximum of enviromental compatibility in combination with excellent performance at high technological level.

The ILCO Lube product range includes:
Fatty Alcohols (ILCO Lube - Al - range)
Polyol Esters and Complex Esters
Dicarbonic Acid Esters
Glycerol Esters
Mono Esters
Methyl Esters
Emulsifier (ILCO Lube - EM - range)

for the key application areas:
Metalworking Fluids
Rolling Oils
Enviromentally Acceptable Lubricants
Industrial Lubricants

Some Mono- and Diester possess outstanding low-temperature characteristics and are suitable therefore for the production of very low-temperature lubricants.

Biologically low degradable and hydrolytically stable products with excellent lubrication characteristics are used with great success in
water-miscible concentrates for metalworking.

Our own products will be marketed under ILCO Lube name.
Our broschure: Download: ILCO Product Portfolio.pdf (163,44 kB)

An overview for the application you find here:
Download: ILCO LUBES Selction Guide 07-2017.pdf (161,08 kB)
Download: ILCO Chemikalien GmbH Anwendung-Application.pdf (459,67 kB)

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