Polyalkylenglycole synthetic fluids provide from high performance industrial lubricants to fire resistant hydraulic fluids; from antifoams to process aids in food and pharmaceuticals an extensive range of applications

We offer a number of formulated performance products from BASF SE under the Plurasafe® (former:Breox®) tradename.

Historical: New tradename
Breox® AIR 32: Plurasafe® CL Air 32
Breox® AIR 46: Plurasafe® CL Air 46
Breox® BCF 11: Plurasafe® BCF 11
Breox® BCF 7: Plurasafe® BCF 7
Breox® CL 1400: Plurasafe® CL HC 1400
Breox® CL 1400 S: Plurasafe® CL HC 1400 S
Breox® CL 1500: Plurasafe® CL HC 1500
Breox® FGL 1000: Plurasafe® GL FG 1000
Breox® FGL 150: Plurasafe® GL FG 150
Breox® FGL 220: Plurasafe® GL FG 220
Breox® FGL 320: Plurasafe® GL FG 320
Breox® FGL 460: Plurasafe® GL FG 460
Breox® FGL 680: Plurasafe® GL FG 680
Breox® HTF 14: Plurasafe® HTF 14
Breox® IL 150 SW: Plurasafe® GL WI 150
Breox® IL 220 SW: Plurasafe® GL WI 220
Breox® IL 320 SW: Plurasafe® GL WI 320
Breox® IL 460 SW: Plurasafe® GL WI 460
Breox® LPG 9: Plurasafe® CL Gas 9
Breox® NF 46 2181: Plurasafe® HL-HFC 46
Breox® PEL NS: Plurasafe® PE Cable
Breox® Quenchant A: Plurasafe® Quenchant
Breox® RFL 100X: Plurasafe® RLA 100 X
Breox® RFL 150X: Plurasafe® RLA 150 X
Breox® RFL 46X: Plurasafe® RLA 46 X
Breox® RFL 68X: Plurasafe® RLA 68 X
Breox® SL 150: Plurasafe® GL Plus 150
Breox® SL 220: Plurasafe® GL Plus 220
Breox® SL 320: Plurasafe® GL Plus 320
Breox® SL 460: Plurasafe® GL Plus 460
Breox® SL 680: Plurasafe® GL Plus 680
Breox® WGL 65: Plurasafe® GL WG 65

Breox is a registered trade mark of BASF.

All Datasheets are only in english available. For the MSDS/new BASF TDS please contact us via mail.

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