Registration process


The Pre-registration phase applies to materials, which already are on the market ("phase in materials"). Here the identity of the registrant, the identity of the material and the intended registration period according to the tonnage are announced to the chemical agency.

This Pre-registration phase begins 12 months after the entry into force of REACH and takes 6 months from 01.06.2008 untill 30.11.2008.

The publication of all Pre-registration data in the "Substance information Exchange forum" (SIEF) makes it possible for the registrant to find other enterprises, who want to register the same material and a group registration (OSOR) can be accomplished. To bio-test applies: Vertebrate animal test can not be repeated.


The registration dossier is submitted to the chemical agency. Within 3 months (phase in materials) the agency examines the completeness of the dossier. After positive examination the dossier receives a registration number.

Each individual enterprise, legal entity and/or legal person is to be named.

The technical dossier

The technical dossier contains these information:

The Chemical Safety Report contains the following data:

part of A:

part of B: